Saturday, May 5, 2012

FIDE Laws of Chess - Article 2

Article 2 of the FIDE Laws of Chess is pretty straightforward. In fact we have not changed anything in this section, although we are proposing a simple addition. Section 2.2 contains a 2D representation of the pieces, which are normally used for setting chess diagrams in books. The proposal is to add an image of pieces as they would look in real life, ie in 3D (although we aren't proposing to use 3D images!). The pictures will probably be of the standard Staunton design chess pieces.


Pete Morriss said...

Hi Shaun,

As far as I know, the rules say nothing about what the pieces should actually look like. This has caused problems in Ireland, where players often have to provide their own sets in tournaments. Sometimes the player who got there first set up his own set of unorthodox or 'artistic' design, and refused to change it for the second player's Staunton set - leaving the arbiter with a dilemma.

Will these new rules resolve that, by not only including pictures but saying (something like) "this is what the pieces should look like"?

Thanks for all your reportage on this, which I find fascinating.

Keep up the good work,


Shaun Press said...

The rules won't specify the exact type of pieces, although there is currently a recommended type of set specified in this document
The diagram is only intended to be used as a guide (at this stage)