Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Swiss Manager - Time to update

If you are a user of the Swiss Manager pairing program, now would be a good time to update to the latest version. With FIDE changing the data format of their rating lists to take in to account Rapid and Blitz ratings, older versions of Swiss Manager do not process the information correctly. In the case that I observed, the names get input correctly, but everything else is gone. Downloading the latest version fixed this up straight away.
There are also some changes in the new version, including the ability to import various national ratings lists, including Australia. The only trap to avoid is making sure you specify the right download file. The ACF lists defaults to /jun12/junmst12 which needs to be changed to /sep12/sepmst12 to get the latest info.
You can either download the update to Swiss Manager from inside the program itself, or go to and follow the links.