Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 Olympiad - Captains Meeting

The Captains meeting for the 2010 Olympiad was held last night. The first half of the meeting was spent getting teams to submit correct teams lists, as a significant number (>50%) had not signed off on their board orders (or even who had shown up). This took a good 45 minutes, and given the previous insistence that teams needed to be registered in July, may have been handled in a different way.
After that the important rules for this years were announced/discussed. The significant ones were
  • Zero default rule in operation
  • Team pairings announced after 10pm (depending on last finishing game)
  • Board pairings announced at 11am on the morning of the round
  • 3 players (minimum) needed for a team
  • Teams missing a player must play 1,2 & 3
  • Doping control towards the end of the tournament
  • No restrictions on draw offers

Of these the the change to the draw offer rule was the most surprising. Players can now offer a draw at any time, although the chief arbiter has the right to change the result to 0-0 in the case of 'pre-arranged' games.
Also the Zero default rule is being applied with a little more flexibility. The round will not start until the Chief Arbiter (Sava Stoysavljevich) announces the start, giving her the right to delay the round in case of problems with players reaching the hall. Players who are at the table before the start but have to leave before the game starts (usually for a medical reason) can receive permission from the match arbiter to do so)


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